About me

My name is Akash Kanojia. In my career I've been a bond trader, a fixed-income portfolio manager, a management consultant, a law professor, a legislative staffer, a failed entrepreneur (twice), and a Fed bailout guy. I've also done some small-scale angel investing and sat on the board of a nonprofit for ten years.

I like writing about things I know and sharing my ideas with other people. I'm mostly interested in finance, economics, and energy markets, and I write to organize my own thoughts. Occasionally I get deep into some other topic, and feel like it's worth putting together a note. All that stuff goes on this blog.

I'm open to speaking and consulting opportunities. I also have a side business offering emotional intelligence coaching to lawyers, finance people and startup execs.

About Negative Convexity

Negative Convexity is the name of the blog. The term refers to an unusual mathematical property of mortgage-backed securities that makes them particularly difficult to invest in. The blog serves as an archive of the stuff I've written.

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